Integrity Gel



It's what you've been waiting for!  INM introduces Integrity Gel


 Simple one-step application.  Comfortable "cool cure" technology,


 maximum adhesion and durability, all combined to make this line a


must-have for today's Nail Professional.



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White, Pink, Clear & Thick White Gel Pots


Available in 20ml or 118ml


Gel Cleanser Available in 60ml, 120ml or 240ml


Nail Wipes, Clear Forms, Integrity Gel Brush, Integrity File


15ml French White, 15ml Clear Glaze





Integrity Gel System Kit



 Kit Contains:

1 each of Pink, White & Clear Gel 20ml ea

Integrity Oval Brush (top quality)

Integrity Nail Forms 50pk

1 x Integrity Gel File

French White Paint 15ml

Integrity Clear Glaze 15ml

O.N.L. Primer 15ml

INM Prep Step Nail Dehydrator 15ml

Integrity Gel Cleanser 59ml

Nail Wipes 50pk

Exact French White Tips 20pk

Northern Lights Mini Silver 3.7ml

Northern Lights Mini Gold 3.7ml


Integrity UV Gel
Clear & Pink UV Gel 118ml Refill      Clear, Pink & White 20ml Pots
 Integrity Clear Glaze  &  French White Paint
Integrity Nail File



 15ml Clear Glaze                 Gel File                15ml French White




Integrity Gel Cleanser



 60ml                           240ml





Integrity Gel Forms & Nail Wipes & Exact Tips





Integrity Forms 300ct        Exact French Tips      Integrity Nail Wipes





Integrity  Brushes





 Retractable Brush                       Clear Oval Brush








Each Kit contains 6   7.5ml pots including clear. They

also include a bonus 7g pot of Tropical Buried Treasure!





Kit A Colours - Appollo, Ceres, Mars, Mercury, Neptune



Kit B Colours - Bacchus, Cupid, Diana, Pluto, Venus
Gel Kits - True Colour Indications
Pure Colour Gels




Pure Colour Gel - True Colour Indications