Coloured Acrylic Powders  
Are traditional acrylic colours boring your clients?
POWDER PAINTS from INM were designed by professional nail
 technicians who know what your clients are looking for.
POWDER PAINTS will enable you to produce firm applications in
colours that don't separate, making designing easier on both
 artificially enhanced and natural nails.
They can be used to create intricate designs or cover the entire nail
 in vibrant acrylic colour! 
The Collections come with 12 colours of 7g pots,
excluding Bright Lights Big City which comes with
6 Neon Colours of 7g pots.
Northern Lights colours are also available in 14g and 42g sizes.
All other colours are available in 14g pots.
Bright Lights Big City Collection 
Bright Lights Big City - True Colour Indications 
Long Ago Far Away 12pc Collection
Spring Fever Collection
Spring Fever - True Colour Indications
Tropical Collection 
Tropical - True Colour Indications
Tutti - Fruitti Collection
Tutti-Fruitti - True Colour Indications
Northern Lights Collection
 Northern Lights - True Colour Indications
Northern Lights Larger Sizes 14g & 42g
Including Gold & Silver (not included in collection)
 From Top
Aquamarine, Blue, Copper, Fuschia, Red
Green, Evergreen, Mauve, Pastel Pink, Purple
White, Black, Silver, Gold