GeLavish Gel Polish is a true LED and UV cured gel polish system that utilizes both patented and patent pending technology.

Our system boasts a thin, self-levelling, low odour polish that cures in seconds with excellent adhesion. 

The mirror-like high gloss durable finish won't chip or peel. It works on both natural nail and artificial nail enhancements equally as well and unlike some others will cover in one coat!

The GeLavish nail will not lose its rich high gloss deep finish and when you're ready removes in minutes.

Adorn your finger and toenails with our rich vivid colours and experience true 14 day durability with our easy to use gel polish system. 

"Gel Brilliance, with a stroke of the brush."



"Etch-it" is a perfect tool for prepping and can also be utilized to shape and finish the nail. Its sanitizable coated foam contours to the shape of the nail and is gentle on both cuticles and fingers.




File-it", designed for removal of the product, can be utilized to shape and finish as well. Its unique design provides greater nail surface contact, allows for faster, more efficient filing, and is both washable and long lasting.


GeLavish "Prep-it" is a hydrophobic prep solution specially formulated to remove oils, cleanse and dehydrate the natural nail, allowing for maximum surface adhesion.


GeLavish "Prime-it" is an acid free, low odour non-burning gentle primer, specially formulated to increase the Gel Polish adhesion to the ultimate extreme.



GeLavish 6-Oval Gel Brush has a synthetic filament delivery system, made from a high quality nylon fibre that is rolled and cut especially for the consistency of our "Build-it" base gel.

 GeLavish "Build-it" is a low odour, self-levelling soak-off Builder Gel


GeLavish "Dual-it" Base & Top Coat is a thin, low odour self-levelling soak-off treatment gel.15ml


GeLavish "Wipe-it" is a lightly scented Gel Cleanser, formulated to easily remove the "tacky" layer that remains after the "Dual-it" (Top) has cured. "Wipe-it" is a gentle cleansing solution that will not disturb the protective seal. 120ml & 480ml


GeLavish Gel Polish Wipes, are made from the highest quality 100% cellulose fibres, and will not bleed. Our long lasting (10 nails per) wipes will not smear, are acetone resistant & super absorbent. 50pk & 100pk


GeLavish "Remove-it" is a lightly scented Gel Polish Remover with Lanolin, formulated to quickly & gently remove the Gel Polish as the Lanolin soothes and protects the skin, preventing the tissue from drying out. 120ml & 480ml

65 Great Colours to choose from.