Dampen Dishes




Glass - Small Swirl with lid - Small with no lid - Large with no lid




Plastic - Blue Small with No Lid  Ceramic - With Cork Black or White






 Manicure Bowls





Clear                          Pink                             Purple




Polish Holder & Finger Rest


 Pink Polish Holder  (Polish Not Included)             White Finger Rest







Practice Fingers & Hand




Finger with No Slot     Finger With Slot    Practice Hand





Nail Forms





 Double Thick Gold 500ct            Rectangle Gold Small 500ct 


Fish Tail Blue 500ct






Nail Dusting Brush & Plastic Droppers




Pink Dusting Brush                   Plastic Droppers  5 Pack





Cuticle Pushers





Plastic Cuticle Pushers


Orange Wood Cuticle Cuticle Pushers  11cm or 15cm






Sterilizing Jars & Pumps






Sterilizer Jars   Small  Medium  & Large


Fluid Pumps  118ml    &   Menda Pumps - 118ml  175ml  240ml







Empty Wall Rack & Counter Display






Wall Rack   90, 60 36 or 12 Bottle


Counter Display   30, 50 or 60 Bottle






Empty Containers



Clear or Opaque 7g Pots





                     Ear Candles & Pumice Pads    








Air Brush Stencil



 6 Stencils Per Pack