A60 Slimline Table Lamp

330H x 700W


A500 12w 118 Bulb LED UV Lamp

Like everything, you get what you pay for. The efficiency of an LED lamp is governed by the power output (wattage) and number of bulbs. The A500 boasts 118 bulbs & a powerful 12 watts with a 30, 60 & 90 second timer.


A126 U.V. PRO
36 watt Electronic UV Curing Lamp
Cures ALL brands of Gel
The A126 is a truly versatile and professional unit. There are many hundreds of these units being used by Nail Salons & Dental Labs all across the country. The unit is clean & stylish to look at and it has a removable bottom tray for easy bulb replacement or cleaning It has an internal fan (to aid faster drying times) and a timer switch     
4 x 9 watt Electronic Bulbs                  Drying Fan
1 min, 2 min or 3 minute Timer.    Stay on Function
Removable Bottom Plate (easy cleaning or bulb replacement)
12 month Australian Warranty (bulbs not covered)
Replacement bulbs available Code A127

 A210 U.V. Master
Suitable for ALL BRANDS of Gel  Ideal for Dental Labs as well.
It is not recommended that you (or your client) stare at the UV bulbs (when on) for long periods. As well as being compact and stylish the A210 has a drop-down protective cover.
This machine is quality all the way, it features;
Digital Timer programmable from 30 to 300 seconds or use the Sensor.
Hand in, bulbs come on, hand out, bulbs off. Brilliant!
Drying Fan
Protective Drop-Down Cover
12 Month Australian Warranty (bulbs not covered)
Replacement Bulb Code A127




 A222 U.V. Double
54 Watt Electronic UV Curing Lamp
Cures ALL Brands of Gel         Also suitable for Laboratories  
"Big Bertha" this lamp is for those serious about customer turn-around time or those that have larger items to cure. This lamp is capable of doing two hands or two feet at once. 
6 x 9 watt bulbs, drying fan.
90, 120, 180, 240 and 300 second Timer
12 month Australian Warranty (bulbs not covered)
 Replacement Bulb Code A127


Tips and Care


** All of our electrical products are tested before leaving our warehouse for quality control but please be aware that it is MOST LIKELY that the U.V. Bulbs will have dislodged during transport. Please carefully check that all bulbs are properly 'clicked' into place before use.

Unlike regular bulbs U.V. Bulbs lose their efficiency over time. You will find that it takes longer and longer to perform the same task so it is recommended that you change the bulbs regularly. The time between changes will vary depending on how much you use the lamp. Under normal conditions every six months should keep the lamp performing correctly.


There are two types of U.V. Lamp, Inductive & Electronic. All of the lamps shown here are the 'Electronic' type. When you re-order your bulbs make sure you get the correct type. The two bulbs look identical except for the letter 'L' in the description.