A300  Dust Collector
Improve your work environment.
This small lightweight but very powerful dust collector is ideal for Nail Technicians, keep filing dust away from you & your client.
3 Free washable collection bags included.
Weight; less that 1kg
Measures W=200mm, H=80mm, D=240mm
Spare Dust Collection Bags available in sets of 4pc


Electric Filing Oil, Bit Stands,

Sanding Bands, Mandrels & Diamond Bits




30ml    120ml               Bit Stand (Electrik Slyde Not Included)


Electrik Slyde Electric Filing Oil


  • Cushions Cuticle
  • Helps reduce Heat
  • Eliminates Filing Dust
  • Use with any Electric File








Brass 1/8" Shank                                       Steel 3/32" Shank




Pro Diamond Bits




1 Diamond Mini French Fill 3/32"


2 Diamond Small French Fill 3/32"


3 Diamond Large French Fill 3/32"


4 Diamond Bullet 3/32"


5 Diamond Tapered Buffer Finisher 3/32"


6 Diamond Small Prepper Barrel 3/32"


7 Diamond Large Prepper Barrel


8  Diamond Medium Barrel 3/32"


9  Diamond Coarse Barrel 3/32"


10 Diamond Leather Chamois Buffer 3/32"


11 Diamond Cotton Buffer 3/32"


12 Diamond Extra Fine Buffer Barrel 3/32"





Bit - Tungsten Carbide           Bit - Tungsten Carbide

Under Nail Cleaner                  Large Barrel


 Bit - Tungsten Carbide             Bit - Tungsten Carbide

Cone                               2 Week Backfill




 Bit - Tungsten Carbide

Soccer Ball




 Sanding Bands


Course  Medium  &  Fine

10pk    25pk   100pk