International Nail Manufacturers of California USA commenced in


the late 70's. By the mid 80's they had found their niche,


manufacturing and selling high quality product to nail technicians


world wide. INM is fortunate to have fostered a team of


some of the most internationally skilled and experienced people


in the nail industry.



Their most famous product, 'Out The Door Top Coat'


has held the number one spot in the world for over 25 years!


The entire product range is 'top quality' product at mid-range prices.


INM are ranked in the Top 5 manufacturers in the world


(by volume sales). Some companies spend huge amounts of money


and focus on marketing (which of course is reflected in the sell


price of their product). INM chooses to focus on research and quality


and let the product do the rest.




Nail Smart Australia (NSA) introduced 'Out The Door' to the


 Australian market just over 12 years ago and it is now well known


by all in the industry. NSA is the only licensed importer for INM


products into Australia. As well as representing the INM range,


we also import other items used in the nail tech world.


Take a look at our range and you will see we are able


to supply the majority of the nail technician's needs.


We are one of the largest suppliers of UV Curing Lamps and


Electric Nail Files (drills) in Australia and we are known for


our competitively priced product, backed by our own service


department (for warranty and repairs). We are at your service.


- The Nail Smart Team -




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Ph   1300 135 651

(Mon to Fri 8am - 4pm)


Fax   1300 135 661