Prep Step Nail Dehydrator
An ideal preparation Treatment for acrylics, fibreglass and nails.
It's the perfect nail surface cleanser and dehydrator and
also helps with the adhesion of nail polish applications.
  15ml Single
Raspberry Scented and extremely effective,
this time tested formula provides the strongest bond possible
between the natural nail plate and acrylic enhancements.
 15ml Single                          15ml 6 Pack
ph7 Acidless Primer
A MMA Free Primer used to promote adhesion to
the natural nails. Much safer for natural nails
than acid primers, it's low odour and doesn't burn
the natural nails or cuticles. Works with all gels
and acrylic systems.
15ml Single                           15ml 6 Pack

  Out The Door Tip & Nail Glue



As versatile and dependable as it is strong and fast.


Incomparable strength and a drying time of 5 seconds


or less, makes Out The Door Fast Set Tip & Nail Glue


the professionals choice.







 3g Single                             3g  24  Pack



  •  Maximum Speed


  •  Maximum Strength


  •  Moisture Resistant No-Clog Dropper Tip 



 *  All INM Liquids are MMA Free  *

(Methyl Methacrylate has been banned for sale in Australia)