Milky Bond Base Coat  


"Polish lasts longer, nails get stronger and smoother!"



A thicker opaque coloured bonding base coat that smooths out small


 imperfections on the surface of the nail as it also helps to protect


the nail and lengthen the life of the nail colour.





15ml Single                  15ml 6 Pack                    75ml 






 Ridge Free Ridge Filler


"Get off to a smooth start"



This rich, creamy protein enriched formulation has been effectively


 designed to fill in all ridges and imperfections on the surface of the


 nail, insuring for a smooth even nail finish. 


Available in Pink & White.





15ml Single              15ml 6 Pack                75ml







ClearBond Base Coat


"Polish lasts longer - Nails get stronger"




This clear, fast drying bonding base coat lengthens the life of nail


colour by forming a molecular bond between the nail plate and the


 polish layer, while also helping to protect the nail against splitting


 or cracking.





 15ml Single                  15ml 6 Pack                          75ml






Non-Yellowing UV Blocking Top Coat
Total Eclipse is an Optical Enhancer that protects Nails from the
 yellowing effects of ultra violet rays, while bringing out the natural
 look of the nail bed and white of the free edge.
The perfect Top Coat for French manicures!
15ml Single                   15ml 6 Pack                       75ml



Heat Cured Top Coat



Soleil Heat Cured Top Coat is an acrylic blend that dries ALL polish


layers in just 3 minutes, leaving a durable, long wearing, high gloss


 shine. Simply use your table lamp (UV light is not required).





 15ml Single                        15ml 6 Pack









For a 'Wet Shine' Look




This Rose Tinted blend of acrylic resins delivers a durable, high


gloss finish so shiny that the nail still 'Looks Wet' after drying.






 15ml Single                    15ml 6 Pack                        75ml








Natural Nail Strengthener


'Pro-Tech' your nails with INM's Natural Nail Strengthener!


Our strengthener is a product designed to shield and defend your 


nails from attack, harm or injury. 





 15ml Single                               15ml 6 Pack