Premium Cuticle Oil


Our Premium Cuticle Oil penetrates to protect nails and skin from


 the inside out. Your nails will reap the benefits of the natural,


 soothing blend of Aloe Vera and Almond Oil.



 3.5ml Single or 35 Pack         15ml         75ml        118ml






A must have item for all nail technicians! STOP-IT is gauranteed to


 instantly soothe the discomfort associated with nail primer and/or


glue burn, without interfering with the nail service in progress.





37ml Single                              37ml 6 Pack 






Microbiological Solution



An extremely effective aid for the treatment and prevention of


Fungus, Mould and other Bacterial Nail Infections.  Sav-Your-Nails


can do exactly what it's name implies...Save Your Nails!  Client


Satisfaction is guaranteed!





37ml Single                         37ml 6 Pack