Wrapped In Glass



The Wrapped In Glass Fibreglass Nail Wrap System consists of


 products formulated with ingredients of the highest quality. These


products have been designed to produce strong, light-weight,


 natural looking nails that are non-porous and moisture resistant.


The results are beautiful award winning nails with a 'glass-like'


 surface that can be worn with or without nail polish or nail tips. 




 WIG Resin

15ml                      15ml Brush-On                     30ml




 WIG Activator & Nail Wraps




Activator - 30ml & 240ml                 Wraps - Silk & Fibreglass




WIG Try Me Kit & Pro Kit



WIG Pro Kit Includes:


Spray Activator 60ml


Resin 15ml


Fibreglass Self Adhesive Wraps


5 Extender Nozzles


20pk Exact Natural Tips


20pk Exact Clear Tips


20pk Exact White Tips


Softeze Nail Buffer


Easy to follow Instructions




Pump & Extender Nozzles




 WIG - Pump Only                    Nozzles - 5 or 10 Pack